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Opposite Nervous
Increased Accuracy

Tranquil is a hero personality.

Special acquisition[edit | edit source]

This personality may be acquired from these random events:

  • Followup of Cult of the Cadence: if the ruler allows the hero to infiltrate the Canon, there is 20% chance the hero returns with this personality.
  • Endorsement: if the ruler chooses to have the hero endorse the Squareball team, the hero has a 50 percent chance of gaining this personality
  • First or second followup event to the The Ostrich: if the ruler chooses to have the random hero try to feed the ostrich, there is a 50% chance the hero will gain this personality. Note that attempting to feed the ostrich ends the event chain; only watching the ostrich can initiate the followup events.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

This personality applies a persistent 120% multiplier to a hero's Accuracy.