The Watcher

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The Watcher is a random event where a man claims to have formed a connection with the corruption after ten years of watching it and wishes to teach a hero to achieve such a connection as well.

Outcome summary[edit | edit source]

Choice Time Chance Outcome
Respectfully decline none 50% Good Listener: No change.
50% Unexpected: Current research slowed by 25%.
Sending a hero 5-10 years 50% Staredown: Hero returns Irritable after only four years.
50% Alone Time: Hero returns Clearheaded.
Calling the doctors none 50% Sleep Well: All heroes in retinue become Well-Rested.
50% Slip-Up: Random hero is afflicted with a Leg Injury.

Start[edit | edit source]

The Watcher

A man comes into the throne room claiming that he has spent the last 10 years watching the corruption from his home and just recently made some kind of a connection with it. This connection cannot be put into things like "words," but if you would let him take all of your heroes back to his place, he is confident he can teach them how to achieve it as well.

  • Respectfully decline the offer. We can't spare anyone right now.
  • Tell the man that you can spare hero name, but that's it.
  • Tell the man that you'll think about it as you signal for the doctors to be brought in.

The hero in the second option is randomly selected from those in the player's retinue who do not have a Leg Injury.

Respectfully decline[edit | edit source]

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are two possible outcomes, both equally likely.

Good Listener

The man doesn't seem to understand that you declined his offer. "Great! I'll see you all there," he shouts as he sprints out of the throne room.


The man's face scrunches in disgust. "That's what you think!" He quickly scrambles up the Chalice and jumps in. As energy swirls around the water, the throne room rumbles more and more until finally... everything is vomited out. The man is hauled away in shock and you get the impression that making the Chalice sick wasn't really what he intended.

Our current research has been slowed by 25%.

Sending a hero[edit | edit source]

Hero Away

The man's eyes widen, as if he wasn't expecting you to say yes at all. \"Oh, fantastic! The place is a bit messy, but you won't regret this! It'll be like a sleepover!\" As he throws open the great doors to leave, hero first name flashes you a concerned look.

hero name has left your retinue.

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are two possible outcomes, both equally likely. Note that the "Staredown" outcome will happen after only four years, however, while the "Alone Time" outcome requires the full time indicated. This will be a randomly selected time of five to ten years.


hero name has returned from connecting with the corruption! Though a bit earlier than you expected. "I couldn't take it anymore! Can you imagine staring at nothing for years? How about staring at nothing for years with someone who's nuttier than the Refuse Pit after a peanut festival?" hero first name shudders uncontrollably. "Woof!"

hero name has returned and gained the Irritable personality.

Alone Time

hero name has returned! But without the aura of enlightenment you were hoping for. "Yeah... when that guy said he 'connected' with the corruption, what he really meant was staring into those rancid colors long enough that you forget your name and where you are. I will say, though, it was kind of peaceful, watching a tide of demonic sludge creep towards you inch by inch. Gives you perspective."

hero name has returned and gained the Clearheaded personality.

Calling the doctors[edit | edit source]

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are two possible outcomes, each equally likely.

Sleep Well

The man spends the night under medical supervision, but when he wakes up the next morning, he has no recollection of the last 10 years. Apparently he has been suffering from a form of insomnia and last night was his first real rest in quite some time. As your doctors tell you the specifics, your unnerved heroes promise to always get a good night's sleep from now on.

All heroes in your retinue have gained the Well-Rested personality.


Your heroes try to restrain the man, but he's surprisingly limber and easily slides out of every hold they attempt. "You could've just said no!" he shouts as he makes a break for the doors. At the last second, hero name manages to catch up and grab ahold of his tunic, but that's when the man finally resorts to violence. "I just! Wanted! To! Help!"

hero name has gained the Leg Injury status.

The hero injured here will be randomly selected from those in the player's retinue who do not already have a Leg Injury. It also will be a different hero than the one selected as the candidate to go with the man.