The Walrus

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The Walrus is a random event where a random hero in the roster asks to try to convince his stubborn mentor to leave his corruption-threatened home and come to the Capital.

Outcome summary[edit | edit source]

Choice Time Chance Outcome
Allowing the hero to go 3-5 years 25% Might of the Walrus!: Hero returns with Might of the Walrus.
25% Ouch!: Hero returns with a Leg Injury.
25% The Walrus Cometh!: Hero returns and his mentor joins the retinue.
25% Enter the Walrus!: Hero dies, but the mentor joins the retinue.
Respecting the mentor's wishes none 50% Denied!: No change.
50% Denied!: Hero becomes Disheartened.

Start[edit | edit source]

The Walrus

[hero name] reports that an old mentor and renowned bear fighter, [mentor name] The Walrus [house name], has refused to evacuate his home even with the corruption on his doorstep. Apparently it has something to do with pride and not wanting to run away from a battle. With your blessing, [hero first name] would like to go out there and bring him to the Capital!

  • Allow [hero first name] to go and reason with The Walrus. Surely he will listen to a friend.
  • Respect the man's wishes. You can't teach an old Walrus new tricks.

The hero is randomly selected from the player's current retinue; heroes with the Disheartened, Patriotic, or Might of the Walrus personalities will not be selected.

The mentor will always be a male of the same class from the same house as the randomly selected hero. The mentor's level will be one to three level higher than the hero's unless that would make his level exceed 10, and he will be 15 to 30 years older. He will have the Might of the Walrus personality.

Allowing the hero to go[edit | edit source]


[hero first name] doesn't waste any time and sets out immediately.

[hero name] will be gone for [travel time] years.

The travel time for the event is randomly determined to be three, four, or five years, with each being equally likely.

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are four possible outcomes. One is chosen at random, and each is equally likely.

Might of the Walrus!

[hero name] appealed to [mentor name]’s warrior spirit and reminded him that a tactical retreat is not the same as running away. “A walrus always rears back before striking with its tusks.” After the metaphor was explained to him, [mentor name] agreed and as thanks taught [house name] a new technique on the way back to the Capital!

[hero name] has returned and gained the Might of the Walrus personality.


A lone figure stumbles into the throne room. [hero name] had pleaded emphatically with [mentor name], but the words fell on deaf ears. Exhausted of all other options and desperate for success, [house name] then attempted to change his mind with force... One should’ve known better than to move a walrus.

[hero name] has returned and gained the Leg Injury status.

The Walrus Cometh!

[hero name] ended up spending a week reminsicing with [mentor name] about the old days, but it had the desired effect: The Walrus wished to return with his protege... and join your heroes on the battlefield!

[hero name] has returned. [mentor name] The Walrus [house name] has been added to your retinue.

Enter the Walrus!

A lone figure stumbles into the throne room... It's [mentor name] The Walrus [house name]!? With tears in his eyes he tells you that [hero name] was killed by marauders over a year ago and that this is all his fault. "If only I had come with [hero first name]! If I had listened!" He declares that he will never go home again and to make up for the life that has been lost, he offers his own to you.

[hero name] has been lost, but [mentor name] The Walrus [house name] has been added to your retinue.

Respecting the mentor's wishes[edit | edit source]

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are two possible outcomes, and each is equally likely. Both outcomes have the same title, but different results.


[hero name] respects your decision, but asks not to be informed when the corruption overtakes [mentor name]’s area. It'd be too... uncomfortable. You understand completely and try to end the conversation on a not-so-depressing note by saying that he'll surely go as he lived: stubbornly, but with one glorious mustache. [hero first name] smiles.


A stunned silence fills the air along with some awkward coughing. It seems that [hero name] wasn't expecting this decision. As the day comes to a close, you believe that [mentor name]'s stubborness will end up hurting more people than he intended.

[hero name] has gained the Disheartened personality.