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Often drunk or hungover, this hero drinks a little too much a little too often.

Reveler is a hero personality.

Special acquisition[edit | edit source]

During the random event Let's Get Some Air, if the ruler chooses to accompany the hero for drinks at the Dirty Ostrich, there is a 50% chance the hero will acquire this personality.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Heroes with this personality will have one of the following buffs or debuffs during combat:

Buff/Debuff Chance Effects
Drunk 40% Applies multipliers of 125% to Strength, 75% to Dexterity and Intelligence, and 50% to Sight
Hungover 40% Applies multipliers of 50% of Evasion and 80% to Health. Speed is decreased by one.
On The Wagon 20% Applies a multiplier of 120% to Resistance.