Ramcap Caber

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Ramcap Caber
Damage 5-9
Range 1.5
Base time 18 years
Requires kills
1 Advanced Rupture

Ramcap Caber is a type of upgraded Caberjack weapon and the research project that creates it.

Item description[edit | edit source]

The tip of this Caber is crafted from Rupture head gems, enabling every hit to knock enemies back!

Research description[edit | edit source]

Before completion[edit | edit source]

What if the explosions from Ruptures could be weaponized? Adding explosive tips to Cabers would push enemies around a lot farther than our standard models!

After completion[edit | edit source]

The Ramcap Cabers are finished! The explosives worked even better than expected so these Cabers will always push back foes, even with basic attacks!

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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