Let's Get Some Air

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Let's Get Some Air is a random event where a hero asks the ruler to accompany him or her on an activity through the ruler's mind's eye.

Outcome summary[edit | edit source]

Choice Time Chance Outcome
Wamberly Theatre none 50% Rulerly Acclaimed: Hero becomes Inspired.
50% Time Heals All... Until It Doesn't: Hero becomes Depressed.
Royal Gardens none 50% A Walk in the Park: No change.
50% A Hero's Burden: Hero gets a Leg Injury.
Dirty Ostrich none 50% Special Occasion: Hero gains Murch's No. 9 status.
50% "Good Time" hero first name: Hero becomes a Reveler.

Start[edit | edit source]

Let's Get Some Air

hero name comes to you with a proposition. "I know things are kind of rough right now with the regions getting taken over and all. I was wondering, there are a few places I go to when I want to feel better about what we're doing. Would you like to accompany me to one of them? It helps me every time and you could follow with your mind's eye. I'll even let you choose the place!"

  • Go to the Wamberly Theatre and see a play.
  • Walk over to the Royal Gardens and experience its beauty.
  • Head to The Dirty Ostrich and have a drink with the people.

The hero who approaches the ruler is randomly selected from those who do not have a Leg Injury and are not Inspired, Depressed, or Revelers. If there are no such heroes, this event will not trigger.

Wamberly Theatre[edit | edit source]

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are two possible outcomes, both equally likely.

Rulerly Acclaimed

The play was fantastic! You don't remember its name, but the story followed a young woman named Meredith and the problems she faced living the single life in region name. For such a clichéd premise, the writing was surprisingly good and whoever it was that played Meredith really made you feel the anxieties of raising a child while being the lead blacksmith in the Capital! Best of all, when hero first name returns and sees how much you enjoyed the play, the hero looks happier than anyone you've ever seen.

hero name has gained the Inspired personality.

The region referenced here is randomly chosen from any of the nation's regions.

Time Heals All... Until It Doesn't

The play ends up being entertaining, though a bit predictable. It made a big deal about the love triangle between the three leads, but it was immediately apparent that Frances would choose Sam in the end, not Bailey. Still, it was enjoyable and you eagerly await hearing what hero first name thought of it... until you learn that your hero was the basis for Bailey's character! Apparently the play was written by an old classmate and hero first name had no idea until a certain love scene began!

hero name has gained the Depressed personality.

Royal Gardens[edit | edit source]

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are two possible outcomes, both equally likely, but the first outcome has two separate dialogue windows.

A Walk in the Park

You follow hero first name through great hallways of blue oak trees, down moss-covered roads, and around weathered sculptures of citizens long gone. The Gardens are filled with perfect examples of every plant you've ever seen and hundreds more that you never knew existed. As hero first name passes a bed of mantis orchids, the hero stops and points to a statue of three figures up ahead. "Oh, you should really see this."

A Walk in the Park

The statue is of a Caberjack, a Hunter, and an Alchemist, but it must be very old because their features have been worn away by the elements. A plaque sits at the base and reads: "Dedicated to the greatest heroes this nation will ever see who rose together and vanquished the Seventh Hammer in our final hour. May the peace they returned to us last forever." hero first name nods,"What a team, eh? I hope they inspire you as much as they did me."

The dialogue above is all that occurs in this outcome. There are no effects.

A Hero's Burden

You follow hero first name to the Gardens, but immediately upon entering the botanical wonderland, an enormous mob of fans swarms around the hero! They're polite at first and engage in small talk about last night's squareball game, but as more people run over, the group quickly becomes uncontrollable. In the end, hero first name is lucky to have escaped with only a broken leg and memories of awkward conversations!

hero name has gained the Leg Injury status.

Dirty Ostrich[edit | edit source]

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are two possible outcomes, both equally likely.

Special Occasion

Upon setting foot inside the Ostrich, hero first name announces that the Ruler will be joining everyone for tonight's merriment. Enormous cheers ensue and the bartender pulls out a dusty bottle from a shelf hidden under the counter. "An honor like that requires a drink to match it! Murch's No. 9, the last ever brewed!" Drinks are poured, and as you watch the citizens of your nation relax and enjoy themselves, you momentarily forget your rulerly obligations and feel as if you're truly one of the people.

hero name has gained Murch's No. 9 status.

"Good Time" hero first name

When the Ostrich's patrons find out that the Ruler will be joining them for the evening's merriment, a great cheer ensues and the bartender proclaims, "Drinks are on the house tonight!" For the next five hours, you hear hundreds of drunken ballads, watch gallons of liquids be consumed, and notice that hero first name is enjoying all of it far more than anyone else...

hero name has gained the Reveler personality.