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Opposite Passionless
Increased fertility due to a life full of passion.

Insatiable is a hero personality.

Initial acquisition[edit | edit source]

During the random event Marriage Counseling, if the ruler chooses to send a hero to talk to the couple, there is a 25% chance both the regent and partner acquire this personality.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

This personality applies a persistent 150% multiplier to a hero's Fertility. This effectively does to same to his or her daily chance of conceiving a child as a regent or partner. There is a limit on a hero's fertility of 150% of the default fertility of heroes in young age, so this personality will put young heroes with no other modifiers right at the cap.

This effect is per hero, though, so when two Insatiable heroes are married together, assuming no other Fertility modifiers, their daily chance of conception is 225% of normal for their ages.