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Opposite Strong Willed
Personality is strongly influenced by other heroes in combat.

Impressionable is a hero trait.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Heroes with this trait gain progress towards acquiring personalities at a rate 125% of normal.

Additionally, when a hero with this trait is in combat, the other heroes that are still alive and do not have the Withdrawn personality affect the hero's personality much the same way trainers influence hero personality during the strategy phase. The 125% modifier does also apply to the personality progress increases and decreases that occur during combat even though Impressionable heroes are the only ones who experience this.

The personality influence takes place at the beginning of each player turn of tactical combat and functions as follows:

  1. Progress on each personality that another hero in the party has is advanced by the equivalent of one year of influence (about 8.3 points) divided by the number of other living and not Withdrawn heroes in the party.
  2. Any personalities that are not advanced lose progress equal to the equivalent of one year of influence.
    • For Impressionable heroes with the Rebel personality, the progress of the previous two steps is reversed.
  3. If the progress of any personality is reduced to zero, the hero loses that personality.
  4. If the hero has less than three personalities, rolls are made to activate personalities that experienced a progress increase until one is activated or all relevant personalities have been rolled on.
    • The chance of a roll activating the personality is determined is 0.8% per point of progress.
    • The "Impressionable" notification will be displayed over the hero when a personality is activated.