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Clean living leads to a longer lifespan!

Health-Conscious is a hero personality.

Initial acquisition[edit | edit source]

This personality may be acquired from these random events:

  • Followup of Cult of the Cadence: if the ruler allows the hero to infiltrate the Canon, there is 20% chance the hero returns with this personality.
  • Family Feud: if the ruler sends the feuding heroes on a road trip, there is a one in six chance one returns with the personality after the other dies.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The hero's randomly determined lifespan is 125% of normal. The mean lifespan for heroes is 65 years, so the mean lifespan for heroes with this trait is 81.25 years.

This stacks through multiplication with other lifespan modifiers. For example:

  • The total lifespan for a hero with Health-Conscious and Longevity is 156.25% of normal, bringing the mean lifespan to about 102 years.
  • Health-Conscious and Heart Disease together work out to a lifespan 93.75% of normal, bringing the mean lifespan to about 61 years.