Fair Play

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Fair Play is a random event where a hero accidentally kills a bystander when intervening in some disorder at a refugee camp.

Outcome summary[edit | edit source]

Choice Time Chance Outcome
Imprisonment 10 years 33.3% The Day of Great Relief: Hero returns to the retinue with no changes.
33.3% Freedom: Hero returns to the retinue Atrophied.
33.3% Caged Heroics: Hero returns to the retinue with School of Hard Knocks status.
Pardon none 50% Let the Healing Begin: No change.
50% Slow Burn: Corruption increases in a random outer region.

Start[edit | edit source]

Fair Play

There has been an incident. Earlier today, hero name was keeping watch at a refugee camp outside the Capital. There was some disorder and your hero had to step in, but unfortunately a bystander was killed as a result. The citizens demand justice! What will you do?

  • Imprison hero first name for 10 years. Morale must be kept up!
  • Pardon hero first name. Our heroes are too valuable!

The hero for this will be randomly selected among those who do not have the Atrophied or Hard Knocks statuses. If there are no such heroes, this event will not trigger. It also requires that at least one region is left that has not been lost to corruption.

Imprisonment[edit | edit source]

That'll Do

You announce hero first name's sentence and your citizens clap politely. It seems that they expected something harsher, but at least they didn't light anything on fire.

hero name has been removed from your retinue.

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are three possible outcomes, all equally likely. There is a fourth possible outcome where the hero dies in prison, perhaps by poisoning.

The Day of Great Relief

hero name has been released from prison! Apparently the inmates were quite thankful that the sentence wasn't longer and are even treating today's release like a national holiday.

hero name has returned.


It appears there has been some mix-up, the prison has sent a disheveled beggar to the--wait, it's hero name! You immediately call for plates of food to be brought in as well as a barber, but from the look of things you fear that some of the damage may be irreparable.

hero name has returned and gained the Atrophied status.

Caged Heroics

hero name has been released from prison! As hearty back slaps are exchanged, a messenger arrives and hands you a note. "Next time I'm billing you for the property damage. --Warden Jeffries." You look back at hero first name, who simply smiles at the message and winks at you.

hero name has returned and gained the School of Hard Knocks personality.

Pardon[edit | edit source]

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are two possible outcomes, both equally likely.

Let the Healing Begin

You prepare for riots, but the citizens seem to understand how valuable /VAR_1/ is to the nation. Tensions subside that night and you get the impression that everyone just wants to move on.

Slow Burn

The lack of a public outcry disturbs you. A haze of pessimism overtakes the citizens as morale plummets and grafitti of you in unflattering situations spreads throughout the nation.

Corruption has increased in region name!

The region in question will be a random outer region.