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Opposite Patriotic
Decreased movement speed, accuracy, and evasion.

Disheartened is a hero personality.

Initial Acquisition[edit | edit source]

This personality may be acquired from these random events:

  • A Standard Baby: if the baby is sent to an orphanage, her parents have a 50% chance to acquire this personality.
  • Bored: if the hero is sent to build an art gallery, there is a minimum one-in-three chance the hero acquires this personality when finished.
  • Family Feud: if the feuding heroes are sent on a road trip, there is a one in six chance that one will return with this personality after the other dies.
  • Relics in Time!: if the hero is forbidden from going on the journey, he or she has a one in three chance of acquiring this personality.
  • The Capital of Misfit Heroes: In either choice, there is a one-in-three chance the involved hero acquires this personality.
  • The Gap: if the regent and partner are divorced, there is a one in three chance that the regent gains this personality or a one in three chance the partner does.
  • The Heirloom: if the hero in question is commanded to take the piece of the Chalice from his or her aunt, there is a 50% chance the hero will gain this personality.
  • The Rally: if the two heroes are imprisoned, there is a 25% chance they return with this personality at the end of their ten-year sentence. If the player falsely promises to punish the heroes, there is a one in three chance both heroes immediately acquire this personality.
  • The Walrus: if the hero in question is not allowed to leave to talk to his or her mentor, there is a 50% chance the hero will gain this personality.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

This personality applies a persistent decrease of one to a hero's Speed and a persistent 90% multiplier to Evasion and Accuracy.