Cult of the Cadence (followup)

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This is a random event where a hero asks to infiltrate a group called the Canon. This is a followup event to Cult of the Cadence that has a 50% chance of occurring 75 to 90 years later if the ruler chooses to do nothing in the first event or to help the cult.

Outcome summary[edit | edit source]

Choice Time Chance Outcome
Infiltrate the Canon 2 to 4 years 0% or 20% Canonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!: Hero returns only to steal two other heroes to join the Canon.
0% or 20% Canon Fires: Hero dies. Corruption increases in a random outer region.
0% or 20% Calm Canon: Hero returns. Corruption decreases in a random outer region
20% Breakup Letter: Hero fails to return.
20% Canonistic Living: Hero returns Health-Conscious and Tranquil.
0% to 60% Death Canon: Hero dies.
Take posters down none 0% or 50% Tear'em Down!: Hero gets a Leg Injury and another random hero becomes a Rebel.
50% or 100% Too Many Questions: No change.

The "Death Canon" outcome isn't randomly selected, but replaces the randomly selected outcome should its effects not be possible when it triggers. Specifically, this happens when:

  • "Canonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!" triggers when there are less than two heroes in the retinue.
  • "Canon Fires" triggers when all regions have been lost to corruption.
  • "Calm Canon" triggers when no remaining regions have any corruption.

The "Tear'em Down!" outcome can only occur if there is a second hero available that is not a Rebel, otherwise, the "Too Many Questions" outcome will be guaranteed from that choice.

Start[edit | edit source]

The Canon

You wake to find hero name shoving a poster in front of your face that's asking for citizens to join the Canon. "I've been hearing about these people for months now," hero name scoffs. "They say they worship the Cadence and want to help everyone 'ease the transition.' I think it's all nonsense, but I want to go find them and see for myself. There's a group hanging up posters right now that I can tag along with."

  • Give hero first name leave to infiltrate the Canon.
  • Keep hero first name here and have the posters taken down.

The hero for this event will be randomly selected from those who are not Rebels. If there are no such heroes, this event will not trigger.

Infiltrate the Canon[edit | edit source]

I Got This

hero first name nods and sprints out of the throne room. "I won't let you down!"

hero name has been removed from your retinue.

The hero will be gone for a whole number of years between two and four.

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are six possible outcomes. "Death Canon" is a special outcome that only occurs if the randomly selected outcome is not possible when it triggers. Assuming conditions allow the other outcomes, they are all equally likely.


hero name has returned, but is surprisingly light on details about the Canon. "There's not much to say! They seemed like a pleasant enough group, definitely not violent. Actually, can we talk about them tomorrow? I'm just really tired." The following morning you wait for hero first name to show, but the hero never does... because this was a mission to recruit second hero name and third hero name for the Canon!

The other heroes will be randomly selected from those in the retinue. If there are not enough heroes, "Death Canon" occurs instead,

Canon Fires

A letter from a refugee camp leader in region name arrives for you via falcon: "Some group called the Canon set up at one of our camps recently to offer 'help' and spread their Cadence teachings. Lotta people didn't like that. We stopped the fires eventually, but couldn't save three of our neighbor villages and we're only now realizing how much damage was done... hero name's body was found this morning. Sorry."

hero name has been lost, and corruption has increased in region name.

The corruption increase will be in a random outer region. If all regions have been lost to corruption, "Death Canon" occurs instead.

Calm Canon

hero name has returned and has much to tell you about the Canon! "They're not a completely sinister bunch. They want the Cadence to succeed, but they don't want to force that desire on anyone. Some kind of self-discovery thing, they'd rather people accept the end on their own terms. It sounds like nonsense, but... they've actually helped calm things down in region name!"

hero name has returned, and corruption has decreased in region name.

The corruption decreases will occur in a random corrupted region. If there is no corruption in any remaining region, "Death Canon" occurs instead.

Breakup Letter

You receive a letter from hero name: "The Canon is my home now. I feel safer with them than I ever did in the Capital and the nation is safer with them in it. The Cadence is coming for all of us and you're not helping. Come join me."

hero name has been lost to The Canon.

Canonistic Living

hero name has returned with a hefty amount of Canon wares! "They talk a lot of nonsense, but they might have something with this healthy living stuff." The hero hands you a mug of green oatmeal-ish sludge. "I think all of their Cadence rubbish is just a ploy to sell these things, and you know what? It's working. I sleep better than I have in months and their recipe book is delicious!"

hero name has gained the Health Conscious and Tranquil personalities.

Death Canon

A farmer arrives at the Capital and tells you he was paid to deliver the body of hero name, but won't say by whom. It seems the hero was found on his farm clutching a book of teaching from the Canon. "Seems like it was a peaceful death," the farmer sighs.

hero name has passed away.

Take posters down[edit | edit source]

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are two possible outcomes. Both equally likely if there is at least one other available hero that is not a Rebel. Otherwise, the "Too Many Questions" outcome is guaranteed.

Tear'em Down!

hero first name has no problem taking the posters down, but as soon as they're gone, new ones are put back up! It seems that second hero name has strong feelings about censorship and doesn't approve of it under any circumstance. This becomes especially clear a few hours later when hero first name starts burning the remaining posters, leaving second hero first name no choice but to resort to fisticuffs.

hero name has gained the Leg Injury status and second hero name has gained the Rebel personality.

Too Many Questions

hero first name shrugs and heads off to collect the rest of the posters. As you settle back into your chair, you realize that someone has creeped up behind you. The Canon member, clad in layers of orange linen, rifles through her stack of posters and holds one out. Before you can grab it though, she pulls it back and stares at your eyes. "It won't help you," she says matter-of-factly as she slips out of the room.

You have gained a sense of Confusion.

Despite the text, this outcome has no in-game effects.