Build a Sagewright's Guild

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Build a Sagewright's Guild
Base time
12 years (first time)
27 years (second time)
60 years, 274 days (third time)
136 years, 251 days (fourth time)
307 years, 200 days (fifth time)
12 years × 2.25n (calculation)
Yields Sagewright's Guild

Build a Sagewright's Guild is a research project that constructs a Sagewright's Guild in an empty region.

Description[edit | edit source]

Before completion[edit | edit source]

A Sagewright's Guild can hasten the time required to complete research! All it requires are heroes willing to retire from battle and take up the white sigil.
The cost for building Guilds will increase with each construction.

After completion[edit | edit source]

A new Sagewright's Guild has been built! Remember, Sagewrights forsake combat for their pursuit of knowledge, and your hero's Intuition will greatly influence their rate of research.