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Age is the number of years a character has been alive in Massive Chalice.

Heroes receive stat bonuses & penalties according to their age, which like traits and personalities, can provide meaningful advantages or disadvantages in either the strategic or tactical portion of the game. A hero's appearance also progresses naturally according to their age.

The mean lifespan for heroes is 65 years. It decreases due to Heart Disease and increases from Longevity, being Health-Conscious, and researching the Longevity Boost project.

List of Age Periods[edit | edit source]

Age Range Description
Young Age 0-29 Increased Dexterity and Fertility, Decreased Intelligence and Intuition
Prime Age 30-55 Increased Hit Points and Strength
Old Age 56+ Increased Intuition and Intelligence, Decreased Strength, Dexterity, Sight, and Fertility

Strategy & Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Old Age is a boon for Alchemists and the bane of Hunters and Caberjacks. For this reason, Hunters and Caberjacks should often be retired to a Crucible or Sagewright Guild.
  • Old Age is also the bane of Fertility. Avoid appointing any hero with Longevity as a Regent.
  • Be very aware of what heroes are born in the last 70 years of the game, because they will be your final Vanguard.